Ganesha Caffe Bucharest - First Location

Ganesha Caffe Bucharest - First Location
Bucharest Hookah Bar

👋 Hello again guys! New day, new review on Narghilea Oriunde. Yesterday I’ve visited one of the most beautiful shisha bars in Romania – 📍 Ganesha Caffe , str. Barbu Văcărescu nr. 71-73, Bucharest, Romania📍


🍹This place is amazingly relaxing with an oriental design which I bet you cannot find anywhere else in the country. People who work here are friendly and polite, ready to help you with anything that you may need. We did not tried the food but the cocktails and the Turkish coffee  are awesome! Must try that coffee! It comes along with a small sweet baklava. Yummmy!

🥇I used to love “Another Shisha Bar(near by)” in Bucharest, but that was before discovering Ganesha Caffe. Honestly it’s much more superior in terms of quality and diversity. The only advantage of “Another Shisha Bar(near by)” which can be a disadvantage for Ganesha Caffe, is the location. But if you want quality, you go search for it no matter where, so I encourage you to try it out.
🚬 Ganesha Caffe is the ONLY place in Romania where you can find the Shisha Original ( the most luxurious hookah ever ~1000€ to buy one). They are using top quality tabacco: *Apple, Cherry, Grape,Strawberry,Peach, Melon, Grapefruit, Gum and cinemon, Blueberry and Mint, Watermelon and Mint, Grapes and Mint, Chocolate and Mint, Lemon and Mint,Apple and Mint, Orange and Mint, Mint – with heat controlled bowl-
🚬 The nice marketing thing is that they will surprise you with a Shisha King/Queen T-shirt if you decide to try the Original Shisha 👑
🚬 If you go for the classic ones, you will find the Amy Deluxe Curl model hookah.
💰The prices are middle way.
The experience is unique! REVIEW OVERALL: 

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